Electronic Lock Cylinders

A reliable and modern locking system forms the foundation for security in your company. Electronic lock cylinders are increasingly being used for this purpose. With electronic lock cylinders, you can cost-effectively and quickly enhance security. Interflex’s electronic lock cylinders can be easily and quickly deployed. With standard, anti-panic, and half-cylinders, you will always find the suitable solution for nearly every application area.

Meeting New Security Requirements

In businesses, reliable locking systems form the foundation of an effective security concept. It is crucial to install a dependable locking system. Due to evolving security demands, locking systems must be adaptable and expandable. At Interflex, you’ll not only find the suitable lock cylinder but also appropriate door handles, fittings, and other accessories to complete your new comprehensive security concept.

Traditional Locking Systems Pose High Risks

Traditional locks and key-based locking systems carry significant risks. When employees lose their keys, the entire infrastructure is immediately compromised, leading to substantial effort and high costs to replace many locks. However, these wait times and efforts can be easily avoided. Electronic lock cylinders allow access permissions to be adjusted and updated in just a few clicks. In case of loss, the access card can be deactivated quickly, making it easier for your employees to access while ensuring more reliable protection for your company.

Electronic Lock Cylinders Offer Effective Protection

In contrast, electronic lock cylinders provide optimal protection and meet the highest security requirements. Access is managed digitally and can be updated in real-time. In case of a lost access card, the locking system doesn’t need to be changed or replaced. With just a few clicks, the existing access authorization can be deactivated, and a new access card (RFID medium) issued. Rooms secured with electronic lock cylinders, door handles, or fittings can be accessed, whether through RFID media or a smartphone.

Electronic lock cylinders consist of a profile cylinder, a mechanical component, and an electronic knob. In this case, the knob replaces the traditional key, and access authorization is digitally verified. Employees simply hold their access card or smartphone to the knob, ensuring that only authorized individuals gain entry.

Versatile Applications

Interflex’s electronic lock cylinders are suitable for all common locks and can be easily installed or replaced in both new and existing buildings. This allows you to enhance security without significant effort and with lasting improvements.

Our electronic lock cylinders can also secure outdoor entrances. In most cases, you can choose between indoor and outdoor variants, as well as different cylinder lengths. From standard cylinders to anti-panic cylinders and half-cylinders, you’ll always find the right solution for your application area. Half-cylinders, for example, are suitable for server cabinets or garages, while anti-panic cylinders are ideal for emergency exits. We’re happy to assist you in selecting the appropriate lock cylinders for your specific needs.

The Right Electronic Lock Cylinders for Every Application:

  1. Standard Cylinder: The standard or profile cylinder is suitable for many situations and allows locking from both sides.
  2. Half-Cylinder: With a half-cylinder, you can lock doors unilaterally, such as garage doors or server cabinets.
  3. Anti-Panic Cylinder: Escape routes and doors have strict requirements. Interflex’s anti-panic cylinder meets all regulations while ensuring the highest security.

Electronic lock cylinders require minimal additional equipment and can be installed without the need for extensive wiring. Thanks to their long battery life, maintenance is also minimal. For instance, the electronic lock cylinder IF-281 Cylinder offers up to 9 years of standby battery life or up to 200,000 bookings.

Features of Interflex’s Electronic Lock Cylinders

  • Easy installation without cables
  • Suitable for almost all doors, thanks to various cylinder options
  • Flexible integration with the IF-6040 software solution
  • Simple management and usability
  • Access via RFID card or smartphone NFC/Bluetooth® Low Energy with the Key App
  • Reliable reading through integrated RFID card reader (LEGIC® and MIFARE®) and Bluetooth® Low Energy 
  • Long battery life reduces maintenance
  • Compatible with European lock standards (DIN 18252 and EN1303)
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Low risk in case of card loss
  • Data can be made accessible and usable online when needed
  • Intelligent and dynamic permission lists for system malfunctions or emergencies

Interflex’s electronic lock cylinders are part of our Opendor product line, which includes not only lock cylinders but also electronic door fittings, door handles, and locker locks. This allows you to increase security in your company cost-effectively, simply, and sustainably. The sleek design of Interflex’s electronic lock cylinders makes them suitable for architecturally demanding buildings. Their easy installation in existing structures enables quick and straightforward compliance with new security standards. If needed, your own employees can be trained to independently replace lock cylinders, avoiding additional costs from external service providers.

Types of Electronic Lock Cylinders

At Interflex, you can choose between several types of electronic lock cylinders. They are generally categorized as Online Wireless and Offline Card variants. Both offer the highest security and convenient activation and deactivation of access permissions. You can select the most suitable variant for your company and specific requirements.

Online Wireless 

In the Online Wireless variant, access permissions are managed online through Interflex’s IF-6040 software solution. IF-6040 serves as the central management unit, allowing flexible organization and on-demand activation or deactivation of access permissions. Thanks to the online capability of the locking components, all data is available in real-time within the system, eliminating the need to fetch data when required.

This approach enables special features like intelligent permission lists. The last 1,000 access events are stored and learned automatically, allowing continued access to these individuals in the event of a system malfunction. Specific individuals and groups, including external parties like firefighters, can also be included in these permission lists. This ensures rapid access in emergencies, even offline.

A gateway connects various locking components and the IF-6040 software system. Additionally, following a three-tier security concept, the gateway serves as a backup for the other components. The latest technological standards, such as Bluetooth 5, are used, and data is certificate-based encrypted. With a broad range, up to 50 locking components can be managed and operated through a single gateway, effectively combining convenient management with the highest security standards. Learn more about Online Wireless locking components here. If you already have an installed Interflex Offline locking system, it can be upgraded to the Online variant at any time.

Offline Card

In offline card locking systems, access permissions are managed using the software solution IF-6040. However, permissions are written to the access card or RFID key fob through a terminal for access control. The actual assignment of corresponding rights is done directly at the terminal, for example, at the start of each day when entering office premises. The deletion of access rights can also be individually configured, allowing rights to expire automatically after a few hours or a custom duration. Offline card locking systems offer low effort with the highest security, particularly in buildings without the necessary infrastructure. This way, you can still leverage the advantages of electronic lock cylinders and access permissions. You can learn more about offline card locking components here.

Frequently Asked Questions about Electronic Lock Cylinders

How secure is the electronic locking system?

An electronic locking system can meet the highest security requirements. In case of loss, digital access authorization can be immediately deactivated, ensuring unauthorized access to the company and sensitive areas is not compromised.

How do electronic lock cylinders work?

Electronic lock cylinders do not use traditional keys. Instead, access authorization is managed digitally – access is granted through a corresponding card, smartphone, or RFID key fob. In the event of losing this medium, access authorization can be promptly deactivated and blocked. Furthermore, there’s no need to replace the entire locking system. Ultimately, this allows for more reliable access control and compliance with current security requirements. The data can also be used for further analysis as needed.

Why should one switch to electronic locking systems?

Switching from mechanical to electronic locking systems is suitable for (almost) every application area. In the context of digitalization, the potential of electronic and digital access controls and systems should be leveraged. High flexibility and reliability are just some of the many advantages of electronic lock cylinders. Additionally, the costs of a complete replacement in case of key loss play a significant role. With just a few clicks, electronic locking systems can deactivate access permissions and ensure security.

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