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Convenient and reliable visitor management

Impress your customers by making a favorable first impression with a professional visitor management and lessen the workload of your reception personnel.

A modern visitor management is like your company’s business card. The first impression counts. For visitors, the first contact is usually an email invitation or the reception desk on site. If your visitor management is convenient and reliable from the very beginning, you impress and are able to build trust as an innovative and modern company.

Making modern visitor management
simple and secure

Be it SMEs or large corporations – companies have to receive and manage visitors, business partners, customers and suppliers. With a sophisticated visitor management, you can decrease the effort of your guests and other people involved – whether at the gate, reception desk, secretary’s office or place of work. You can assign your visitors to the respective contact person within your company, create visitor passes with access authorizations if necessary and specify the areas that your visitors are allowed to access. Be it for an individual or a group, for one day or several days.

In addition to the convenience and acceleration of reception, professional visitor management can also increase security in your company. On the one hand, this is made possible by the option to carry out and document safety instructions in full. When configuring safety instructions in the “self-registration”, you can also design each instruction step according to your wishes with multimedia content such as text, images, PDF documents and videos.

Comprehensive visitor management

Visitor management involves more than just registering guests at reception. This includes the following aspects:

  • Invitation, pre-registration, self-registration
  • Check-in and -out
  • Issue of passes and visitor credentials
  • Privacy statement
  • Visitor and safety briefings
  • Taking photos of visitors
  • Black lists for visitors
  • Quick check-out with the IF-73 desktop reader
  • Access authorization for visitors, optionally only when accompanied
  • Special authorization to open the barrier to the parking lot prior to visit
  • Compliance with retention periods for stored visitor data

Simplifying check-in and -out process

With professional visitor management, you can decentralize the sometimes time-consuming visitor registration process. You are thus able to shift it to your employees or visitors, reducing the workload of the reception personnel. The process is very quick when your guests show up on site: Reception personnel can quickly and easily find the pre-registrations in the visitor management system with the aid of a PIN or a QR code from the invitation or self-registration via email. Any misunderstandings, e.g., due to the spelling of names, are ruled out. Since self-registration works with and without personnel, it is especially suited for side entrances and areas without any reception personnel.

If a visitor registers in advance, that increases the quality of the recorded personal data, since the guests enter the data themselves – at the kiosk provided for self-registration or via tablet in the foyer. During self-registration, the software also informs the visitor about statutory and company-internal regulations, e.g., relating to the privacy statement and the safety briefing.

Security for your company when dealing with guests

The ID Check is especially suited for making sure that a guest is really who they claim to be. The reception personnel uses it to check official machine-readable documents, such as identity cards, passports and driver’s licenses for their authenticity. In this context, many security features on the documents are checked and a warning is issued in case of any deviation. In addition, official documents can be compared to blacklists or international sanction lists in order to prevent any illegal business relationships.

Nowadays, it is not only essential to protect your company but also the personal information of your guests in compliance with GDPR. With digital visitor management, you can protect your business secrets from industrial espionage. After all, it allows you to seamlessly track who was your guest when and where. You can also ensure that visitor data cannot be viewed publicly – as is the case with the traditional and still widely-used paper guest books.

Our solutions for visitor management

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