IF-6040 is a modular software solution that you can use to easily and comprehensively regulate your access control, time recording and time management.

One software for many tasks

Do you want to manage visitors and delivery operations as well as control access, carry out evacuations in an emergency, record the times of our employees and use them for personnel processes? A multitude of tasks that require a lot of time and effort. Especially if you use an individual solution for each task.

That’s why Interflex offer a 360  solution with its IF-6040 software that can map all relevant tasks arising in access control, time recording and time management precisely and transparently. Use it to control your hardware and manage all relevant data centrally. Instead of many individual solutions, the IF-6040 system offers everything from a single source solution. The software is a highly flexible solution that you can expand at any time. Thanks to its modular design, you can handle different areas. You decide what you really need.

Access control

With access control, you can manage entries and access rights for your employees and external companies as well as delivery operations and evacuation management in an emergency. The IF-6040 system supports the management and control of doors, elevators and third-party terminals for online and offline access control. You can easily assign and manage authorizations for persons and validity periods of credentials using the appropriate workflows.

Visitor management

With IF-6040 you can assign your guests to the respective contact person within your company and speed up and simplify the visitor registration and deregistration process. If necessary, you can issue credentials with access authorizations to visitors and define the areas that the visitor may enter.

Time recording

The IF-6040 system records and processes time bookings via Interflex terminals, computers or mobile end devices in real time. The data can also be transmitted to third-party systems for time management via certified interfaces.

Time management

With IF-6040 you can manage all relevant tasks and processes for time management using a user interface that is easy to use in real time and even mobilely. Time recording bookings are evaluated in accordance with the collective bargaining, legal and intra-company requirements. This also applies to different work time models. Time management also includes Absence management, Workflows, Employee Self-service, the basis for payroll accounting, reporting and much more.

Personnel scheduling

The IF-6040 system saves all company and personnel data that is relevant for personnel scheduling. It ensures that you always maintain an overview of personnel requirements and the current coverage and that you can control and intervene at any time.

IF-6040 is web-based and can thus be used regardless of the operating system. Thus, the software can be used from anywhere – at a terminal or computer or via a mobile end device while on the go. This also means that employees working from home or in the field can also use the system. You can integrate the software into your existing system landscape via interfaces and connect it to third-party systems. IF-6040 is suited for all industries and company sizes.

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