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The work world is becoming more and more complex as a result of changing requirements. Be it due to legislative requirements, new challenges, alternative work time models, employees working from home or new personnel – companies must be able react quickly and flexibly. Interflex offers efficient solutions for modern companies wanting to simplify day-to-day work routine, increase the personal responsibility and initiative of your employees as well as protect your corporate values.

Access Control

With an efficient and comprehensive system for access control, you can manage and control the access of your employees, visitors and suppliers in your company. This allows you to protect your employees and your corporate assets.

Visitor management

With a professional and modern visitor management, you are able to make a favorable first impression on your visitors. It is your business card, allowing your company to demonstrate that it is modern. In addition to that, you can reduce the workload of your reception personnel and increase their efficiency.

Time recording & Time management

Time recording creates the foundation for time management, flexible working time models can be mapped and the foundation for payroll accounting can be automated. This increases employee satisfaction and productivity.

Time recording for SAP

Accurately recording the work time of your employees is essential – after all, time recording offers tremendous advantages: It serves as a basis for time management, creates transparency and satisfaction for your personnel and ensures that work times are reliably documented.

Workforce Management

Your employees are your company’s most valuable resource. It is essential for the success of your company that you deploy them in the right place at the right time. The plano WFM brand represents modern, flexible workforce management. With our  solution, you create transparency, involve your employees in the personnel scheduling and significantly increase their satisfaction.


For smooth operation, you have to monitor, supervise and maintain your software applications for time recording, time management and access control: That ties up resources and know-how. With the cloud-based Interflex Managed Services solution, we lessen your workload – so that you can focus on your main tasks.

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