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TeamViewer — Simple and practical

TeamViewer is a maintenance and presentation tool that allows our support team to maintain, troubleshoot and resolve issues in your environment remotely. Via TeamViewer QuickSupport, we can operate your computers remotely as if we were sitting right in front of them. TeamViewer is easy to use and provides a high level of security and reliability at the same time. You can only benefit from this economic and efficient service tool. TeamViewer QuickSupport is a web application that does not need to be installed on your device. Therefore, it can also be run without Windows administrator rights.

Download Teamviewer

Complaint / repair

We attach great importance to complying with consistently high quality standards. If you still would like to file a complaint, please complete the following complaint form and send it to us at: You will then receive a return note with an RMA number. Please print out the return note and include it with the product. Should you have any questions, always cite the RMA number:

Download form

Download form

FTP service

You will find the current patches on the FTP server and can use the server to exchange data with us. You can access the FTP service via:

Protocol: HTTPS

Or you can use an FTPS-capable client (we recommend FileZilla) in order to access using the following path:

Protocol: FTPS
Port: 990
Required ports: 50000-50009

Forgot your password and username? Contact us at: 00 8000 2000 951

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