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Solutions for workforce management

Having the right employees at the right place and at the right time is decisive for the success of your company. And it is just as important to be able to analyze capacities and needs properly and coordinate them precisely.

With Interflex’ solutions for workforce management, you can optimally make use of your company’s most valuable resource: your employees.

Responding flexibly and quickly

As a result of volatile markets, fluctuations in sales and rapidly changing work environments – companies need a professional workforce management solution in order to be able to respond flexibly and quickly to such challenges. In workforce management, all data and information, which are necessary and helpful for scheduling and deployment of employees, are recorded, analyzed and further processed with the aid of a software solution. Your HR department can leverage the data to manage processes like personnel scheduling and deployment in such a way that you are able to increase your productivity while reducing costs and expenses and optimizing the accuracy of your forecasts. In this way, you remain flexible on the market at all times and can quickly respond to changing requirements and general conditions.

With workforce management, you can actively include your employees in personnel scheduling and take their individual requests into account during vacation planning or swapping shifts. All common work time models as well as collective bargaining and legal aspects are taken into account. That increases transparency in scheduling and accounting. You also increase the satisfaction and motivation of your employees.

Suitable for all industrial sectors

The software solutions from Interflex for workforce management can be implemented for any size of organization and are scalable as needed – regardless of whether you work in logistics, aviation or healthcare. Learn more here:

Our solutions for workforce management

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