Checking the identity of visitors

Check someone’s identity quickly and easily at reception to ensure that they are who they say they are.

Checking one’s identity

With the ID check as an extension module of the Visitor Reception and a reader for official documents, the reception personnel can quickly and easily check the identity of visitors. This is how to determine whether the visitor is really who they say they are. The software automatically checks for numerous security features while scanning credentials. In addition to more security, the systematic reading of official documents makes it easier to manage visitors. With the personal data read from travel documents,your reception employees can easily find preregistered visitors and can quickly create and register unknown guests in the system in a time-saving manner.

ID Check as part of Visitor Management

The verification of official documents is integrated into the Reception Module and requires an internet connection in order to update document libraries or compare with online sanctions lists.


  • Increased security when dealing with visitors
  • Identifying visitors with false identity
  • Accelerated visitor registration
  • Security based on systematic checking
  • Easy recording of visit data
  • Reduction in the workload of the reception personnel
  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Clear status display
  • Intelligent search function for pre-registrations

Performance features

  • Scanning of official documents in order to search for pre-registrations
  • Information from travel documents is accepted
  • Automatic checking of numerous security features 
  • Reading of personal data from official documents (ICAO, RFID, MRZ)
  • Collected information can be used to preregister guests and create new records
  • Warning in case of expired travel documents
  • Warning in case document verification  has failed
  • Scanning of front and back
  • In case of warnings due to individual security features (defined threshold values), a manual review can be carried out
  • Ability to recognize official documents from more than 200 countries
  • Extensive document libraries (templates) by country, region or worldwide are available.
  • Optional:
    • Checking of international blacklists and sanctions lists (EU, USA)
    • Privacy option for hiding sensitive data such as credential photos or US social security number

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