Efficient and successful evacuation management 

In the event of an emergency, efficient and successful evacuation management is crucial for saving life and limb. Data managed centrally in the IF-6040 system help with that.

Keeping track of everything
in an emergency

With the Evacuation List expansion module for Interflex’s IF-6040 software, you always have an up-to-date overview of who is where on the company’s premises during an emergency or a drill. That saves time, ensures rapid evacuation and thus can save lives. The software includes modules for access control, visitor management and time management. It uses relevant data from this for a dynamic evacuation list that is continuously updated. This also includes visitors – regardless of how spontaneously they enter or leave the company’s premises.

Always up-to-date – even during drills

It is crucial that the evacuation list is updated cyclically in real time and also takes bookings into account during an evacuation. With data from visitor management and time recording, the list also contains persons who did not check in via a terminal when entering the company’s premises.

Companies are obligated to regularly carry out drills to allows employees and visitors to practice evacuating in an emergency. That is prescribed both by Störfallverordnung (Hazardous Incident Ordinance)and Arbeitsschutzgesetz (Occupational Health and Safety Act). Companies in critical infrastructure sectors (CRITIS) are subject to special requirements. These include, e.g., companies involved energy and water supply, health care, chemical companies, finance and insurance as well as government and administration.


  • Current overview of all persons present and absent during the evacuation or fire drills
  • All data in one system: Comprehensive database from various sources such as access control, time recording or visitor management
  • Always up-to-date: Continuous dynamic updating of database by recording current bookings even during evacuations
  • Easy to use: Operation via web user interface on a tablet – even by several persons
  • Additional independent presence bookings at the assembly point by visitors and employees
  • Save money during evacuation and fire drills by ensuring that they are carried out quickly without any long waits
  • Easy to integrate into the IF-6040 system

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