IF-810, IF-811 and IF-812
Access Terminals


IF-810, IF-811 and IF-812 terminals are designed for controlling access and person identification using an RFID credential and are mounted on wall surfaces. They can be operated on a controller or a time recording terminal and can thus be flexibly integrated into new or existing environments. In addition to access control and person identification, you can use terminals to monitor doors and sensors on locks, barriers and doors. You can also use the terminals to write NetworkOnCard authorizations for offline terminals onto identification media (e.g. credentials or key fobs) with MIFARE® or LEGIC® technology. It is best to install the terminals in an unsecured area next to locks, barriers or doors. Thanks to use of impact-resistant materials, the terminals can be installed both indoors and outdoors. The IF-811 terminal is especially secure, since a PIN can be entered using the keyboard. In addition, the devices can generate individual alarm signals or error messages. Compared to the IF-811, the IF-812 includes a double 20-digit, illuminated OLED display, which can provide direct feedback to users – controlled by the host system.


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