IF-800/W01 and IF-800/W02
Access Terminals


The IF-800/W01 and IF-800/W02 terminals are designed for access control and contactless person identification using RFID credentials indoors and outdoors as well as in dry and damp environments and are to be mounted on wall surfaces. In addition to granting access only for authorized persons, they also monitor door statuses and sensors installed at locks, barriers and doors. Credentials and key fobs serve as identification media. In power-saving mode, the terminals consume less than half the energy that the previous model did. Due to its compact design, the IF-800/W01 terminal is suitable for mounting to walls and door frames. The terminals are best installed in unsecured areas next to locks, barriers or doors. They can be operated either on a controller or a time recording terminal with a controller. This allows the devices to write NetworkOnCard rights for offline terminals onto RFID media. The terminals can be flexibly integrated into new or existing system environments.


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