Inviting and preregistering
visitors automatically

Employees can use the invitation module to invite visitors by email and thus automatically preregister them at the reception desk.

Inviting and preregistering
at the click of a button

With the invitation expansion module, Interflex offers a simple and intuitive solution in the Self-service user interface, with which employees can invite their guests quickly and easily by email and preregister them at the same time at the reception. Apart from a calendar entry, the email invitation also contains directions in the guests’ own language. In addition, a QR code is included, which the receptionist can easily scan and thus instruct and register the guests with just a few clicks.

Another, particularly convenient solution for registering visitors is the add-in for Outlook. This allows you to create preregistrations directly in Outlook as an alternative to the Invitation module and link them to the calendar. During the work process, employees no longer have to switch to the Self-service user interface but can send invitations directly from the calendar in Outlook.

Comprehensive invitation management

As host, you can create visitor data in the Self-service user interface. Both individual guests and groups are possible, regardless of whether for one-day or multiple-day appointments. If certain data records are to be treated discreetly by visitors, they can be marked with the “Private” property. This means that they cannot be viewed by all employees. This option can also be activated as default for invitation and reception and separately for self-registration.

The email with invitation and cover letter is standardized; optionally, it contains a calendar entry as iCalendar (ICS), directions and a QR code or PIN. In addition, you can send security instructions and privacy statements as attachments in the visitor’s own language as well as additional personal information.

You can inform the reception directly internally in the invitation management with a specifically designed data field. You can also provide instructions for the visit, e.g., to accompany the guest. In addition, you can add customer-specific data field extensions such as WiFi access for the guest or information about catering.

A distribution list with status displays allows you to send emails with changes to an appointment or added guests individually. With regard to recurring appointments, you can use existing invitations as templates and adapt them with just a few clicks. And you can easily find and retrieve previously created invitations at any time.

The visitor data recorded by the host in Self-service or via the Outlook add-in is automatically available centrally in Visitor Management in the IF-6040 system.

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