IF-281 Electronic
Lock Cylinder card

Lock Cylinder

The IF-281 Electronic Lock Cylinder card replaces your conventional lock systems and is the ideal solution for cost-effective and uncomplicated compliance with the current security standards for a wide range of applications. A variety of versions including standard, anti-panic and half cylinders provide a solution for almost any application. The Electronic Lock Cylinder provides maximum security and is easy to install, whether in an office door or exterior door. With the NetworkOnCard technology, authorized persons can use a credential in credit card format or as key fob to unlock the lock cylinder, which is compatible with the European standards for profile cylinders for door locks DIN 18252 and EN1303.

It consists of an electronic knob, a profile cylinder and a mechanical inner knob. The electronic knob takes on the function of a key by evaluating access authorizations and only granting access to authorized persons. Minimal maintenance is required thanks to the very long battery life. The IF-281 is the successor model to the IF-181 Electronic Lock Cylinder and is part of the new Opendor product line.


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