Online wireless locking components

With online wireless-enabled locking components, you can flexibly and centrally manage access authorizations. You can easily integrate new locking components – even in locations where there is no power connection available or where wiring is complex. The Air version of the new Opendor product line is characterized by access authorizations in real time and a smartphone or an RFID medium in LEGIC® or MIFARE® as identification media.

Online wireless locking components

Nowadays, more and more companies are relying on wireless-enabled access control systems and thus are replacing mechanical locking systems. Access management and control is more convenient and user-friendly now with locking components that are wireless-enabled online. After all, you are able to avoid the high costs of having to replace an entire locking system, should a key be lost. Building managers and security personnel have more control over who has access when and where. In addition to that, they can easily assign and block authorizations. This makes your work significantly easier, since corporate security is ultimately about protecting a building or premises from unauthorized access – and doing so as effectively as possible. Thanks to centrally managed access rights, this is easily possible, especially with components of the Opendor product line.

Opendor air: Access control in real time

With our centrally managed Opendor product line, you can manage access authorizations in real time. With Opendor, all doors can be integrated into the overall security concept – without wiring and without any major modifications. The wireless, battery-operated locking components are online-enabled. Opendor air is available as IF-241 Door Fitting, IF-261 Cabinet Lock, IF-271 Door Handle and IF-281 Cylinder. The IF-4041 Gateway connects the locking components with the IF-6040 access control system. In addition to the wireless Air version, there is also the Opendor card version (NetworkOnCard).

With Opendor, you can save time: Since the locking components can be installed without wiring. Thanks to batteries with a service life of up to 12 years, they are especially low-maintenance. Firmware updates of the Air version can be installed automatically “over the air”.

Special features include authorization lists that allow doors to be opened autonomously even in case of a system failure. A self-learning authorization list in the locking component saves the last 1,000 accesses and continues to allow these users access in case of a system fault. Optionally, authorization lists, e.g. for employees or external parties such as the fire department, can be distributed by the IF-6040 system to the individual end devices via gateways. This means that the locking components can be permanently activated for authorized persons.

As part of a three-level security concept data can be transferred from the IF-6040 system to the gateway and saved. Thus, this data is always up-to-date even if the connection to the access control system is interrupted. If the gateway should fail or the connection to the locking components be interrupted, every individual locking component would assume access control independently, since it contains an authorization list. As a result, you will not be locked out when there is a network failure.

A gateway for up to 50 doors

The IF-6040 system controls Opendor air locking components centrally. It transfers all data to the IF-4041 gateway, which transfers that to the end device via Bluetooth Low Energy 5. In buildings, a gateway can manage up to 50 locking components over a distance of up to 50 meters – depending on the building’s structural materials. The IF-4041 offers maximum security. It checks the recorded bookings and transmits the data to the access control system in real time.

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