IF-241 Door Fitting Card

Door Fitting

The IF-241 Electronic Door Fitting card is a particularly rugged locking component made of stainless steel for solid doors. Current security standards can thus be implemented cost-effectively for a wide range of applications – with minimal maintenance thanks to batteries with a very long service life. The Door Fitting can be flexibly integrated into your security architecture. It is suitable for different doors and is available in different designs (such as dimensions, hinges, handles). It is available both in a wide version and in a narrow version as well as with different handles for indoor and outdoor use. A suitable mechanical lock cylinder can be mounted in parallel.

The electronic door fitting can be easily installed on existing doors – without requiring any wiring or other construction work. It is especially suitable when there is no power or network connection. This offers you security and the convenience of an electronic access solution based on an RFID credential. The IF-241 is the successor model to the PegaSys 2.1 Door Fitting and is part of the new Opendor product line.


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