Control your terminals for time recording and access control as well as your locking components with the appropriate controllers and gateways from Interflex and connect them to the IF-6040 host system.

Controlling your systems centrally

The controllers and gateway collect data from the connected terminals and locking components, forward such data to the IF-6040 system and send booking decisions from the host system back. This is how you can control your systems centrally. Interflex controllers are available in versions to support two, four, eight or sixteen terminals or the gateway for up to 50 locking components. Asymmetric PKI encryption (PKI = Public Key Infrastructure) also ensures communication security.

Three-phase security concept

When the IF-6040 host system is offline, the controllers or the gateway step in with locally stored data and temporarily take control. This function is part of our three-phase security concept: If the gateway fails in addition to the host system, the intelligent locking components step in with their own decision-making logic and keep the system up and running: As a result, you will not be locked out when the system is offline.

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