IF-4041 Gateway air


The IF-4041 gateway connects locking components of the Opendor air product series to the IF-6040 access control system using Bluetooth® Low Energy technology– an encrypted connection based on a certificate. It is an ideal solution for cost-effective, uncomplicated and wireless compliance with current security standards for a wide range of applications. Battery-operated locking components can be integrated via the gateway in locations where cables cannot be installed or routed. The IF-4041 checks the recorded bookings and transmits the data to the access control system in real time. Optionally, data can be transferred from IF-6040 to the gateway and stored there as part of the three-level security concept. Thus, this data is always up-to-date even if the connection to the access control system is interrupted. If the gateway should also fail or the connection to the locking components be interrupted, every individual locking component would assume access control independently—reduced to its essential function. As a result, you will not be locked out when there is a network failure.


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