IF-4077 controllers in wall-mounted housing


The IF-4077 controller in the wall-mounted housing collects data from connected Interflex terminals and transmits the data in real time to the host system for time recording and access control. It sends booking decision back to the terminals. When installed in a secure area, it is protected against sabotage and tampering. If the housing is opened without authorization, then a monitoring contact sends an alarm to the higher-level IF-6040 access control system. The controller is easy to install, is used for centralized installation and can be integrated into an Ethernet network and can be operated over the internet thanks to asymmetric PKI encryption. If the host system is offline, the controller works locally, since it stores all data that are needed for offline operation. Power can be supplied via low voltage or a separate power supply unit. Thus, technicians specialized in low voltage installations can also put into operation and maintain the device without any difficulty. Depending on the version, the IF-4077 is equipped with up to eight I/O controller boards for controlling the connected terminals centrally. Furthermore, the IF-4077 controller has two terminal blocks with 500 mA fuses each to protect the terminals and the connected door openers separately.


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