Terminals for time recording

With the terminals from Interflex, you can reliably control time recording in your company and thus create the basis for a professional time management.

Time recording for
companies of all sizes

Interflex’ terminals for time recording, which are easy to integrate and customize, allow your employees to identify themselves using RFID media such as credentials or key fobs in order to record time that they work.

Interflex offers terminals for companies of every size, which are operated with the IF-6040 system. The terminals are equipped with asymmetric PKI encryption (Public Key Infrastructure), ensuring that they can be safely used over the internet. The intuitive user interface and easy handling of devices increases acceptance among your employees. The terminals for time recording are available in a modern and timeless design for representative areas such as reception areas, but also in an industrial version for somewhat harsher environments such as in in production or on the shop floor and for outdoor use. The terminals from Interflex use MIFARE® and LEGIC® or the smartphone as standard reading technology.


  • Suitable for time recording and optionally for cost center recording, access control or barcode recording
  • Modern and timeless designs
  • Indoor and outdoor solutions, including industrial versions for harsher environments
  • Robust and durable components
  • Color touchscreen displays
  • Easy to use thanks to use interactive terminal interface
  • One credential for many purposes
  • High-quality workmanship
  • Contactless RFID reading technologies such as LEGIC® or MIFARE®
  • Made in Germany

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