IF-815 terminal for time & attendance recording


The IF-815 terminal for time recording can be used easily and intuitively to record time and attendance data of employees with RFID credentials. The IF-815 terminal is connected to a controller or a time recording terminal with an integrated controller and operated with the IF-6040 host system. With IF-815, it is possible to record personal time data, such as “IN” and “OUT”, absence reasons and cost centers and display work time accounts. Employees can use RFID media such as credentials and key fobs to identify themselves and record their times. Optionally, control and monitoring of locks, doors and cabinets with alarm notification and warning buzzers is also possible. The ergonomic design of the control elements and the information elements supports intuitive user guidance. In order to meet higher security requirements, personal identification numbers (PINs) can be entered via the keypad at IF-815 terminals. In addition, individual alarm or error messages can also be generated. Moreover, further devices can be connected to the terminal via an additional RS232 interface. IF-815 can be operated in power-saving mode. Since the IF-815 terminal was constructed using impact-resistant materials, it can be installed both indoors and outdoors.


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