IF-5725 terminal for time & attendance recording


The IF-5725 terminal for time recording allows small companies with up to 250 employees and a few branch offices to get started with professional time recording. Employees can use RFID readers to identify themselves at the terminals in order to utilize functions such as “IN”, “OUT”, “OUT on business”` and “Info”. The terminal stores up to 5,000 bookings that are transferred to the system in real time. The terminal is equipped with a proximity sensor. If not in use, it switches to (power-saving) sleep mode. If a user approaches the terminal, it switches back to operating mode and is immediately ready for use. The terminal is suitable for mounting on surfaces, e.g., of walls or columns in dry rooms and can be integrated into a 10/100 MB ethernet network. It is equipped with asymmetric PKI encryption (Public Key Infrastructure), and thus it can be safely used over the internet. Data exchange between the terminal and the IF-6040 system is protected by end-to-end encryption. Power can be easily supplied via a PoE hub (Power-over-Ethernet), which saves the costs for a separate power supply. 24V low-voltage can also be supplied as an alternative or to supplement. The large, intuitive touch screen of the device stands out thanks to its ease of operation and clearly structured menu.


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