IF-5735 terminal for time recording


The IF-5735 terminals for time recording are user-friendly readers for contactless identification of persons with RFID media such as credentials and key fobs with a transponder. The terminals of the IF-5735 series are operated using the IF-6040 system and can be used for recording time, optionally also for cost center and barcode recording. To record their own times, employees can present their smartphones at the terminal using Bluetooth® Low Energy, identifying themselves with the aid of credentials using RFID media. The terminal is equipped with a proximity sensor. If not in use, it switches to (power-saving) sleep mode. Data exchange between IF-5735 and IF-6040 is protected using encryption. The IF-5735 terminal is secured using asymmetric encryption (PKI registration and certificate generation), ensuring that nothing prevents a secure operation via the internet.


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