Online wired terminals for access control

With online wired terminals, you can manage the access to your company flexibly and centrally, thus creating transparency. Terminals from Interflex can be easily integrated into existing systems. Be it indoors or outdoors, according to different installation requirements, we offer the right solution for your individual requirements.

Online wired terminals

The devices are used for identification via RFID credentials or smartphone and for controlling doors. The terminals are connected to a controller and, if necessary, can also write NetworkOnCard rights for offline terminals to identification media with MIFARE or LEGIC technology. The terminals essentially help to protect and monitor a building or premises from unauthorized access. And as conveniently as possible, since authorizations and blocks can be implemented centrally in the IF-6040 access control system. Your employees will be happy to accept the online wired terminals, since they are intuitive and easy to use.


  • Simple and contact-free operation
  • Robust and durable components
  • Modern and timeless design that combines form, functionality and convenience
  • High-quality workmanship
  • Solutions for indoor and outdoor use
  • Access control for security-relevant industries

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