Automatic schedule optimization in workforce management

Automatic schedule optimization improves the quality of your personnel scheduling in workforce management. This helps you to balance your corporate interests with the wishes of your employees.

Better quality schedules

Automatic schedule optimization from Interflex is not only based on general parameters, such as personnel requirements, employee account balances or work time models. It also includes an arbitrary number of individually definable factors. Which parameters are to be used under which conditions can be determined on an individual basis.

Fairness in scheduling and bringing the distribution of work time and work days in line with employee preferences, e.g. on weekends or public holidays, are a key factor. Scheduling proposals can be created on an hourly or daily basis for any time period. With just a few clicks of the mouse, parameters can be adjusted, adapted and recalculated until you have the best schedule possible. With automatic schedule optimization from Interflex, you are able to create schedules much faster and with better quality than manually. It also allows you to take into account statutory, collectively bargained and company work time arrangements. And you schedule and deploy your employees according to their qualifications, which in turn increases their satisfaction and motivation.

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