Security control center – All security systems in one place

An integrated security solution brings together all of your company’s existing security systems. Interflex’ security control center supports you and gives you control over it.

Overview and control

A reliable security solution includes all existing security systems needed for complete building security. With the security control center, you can bring all existing systems in your company together centrally, obtaining both an overview and control over them. In addition to linking all subsystems, such as video cameras, fire and intrusion detection systems and building control systems, it enables the operator, e.g., to map access terminals and define security zones within a floor plan. It also allows you to respond to possible dangers directly and in a focused manner.

Always keeping an eye on everything

Installed security equipment, such as access terminals or door contacts, are linked to the floor plan views of indoor and outdoor areas and displayed in the security control center. Thus, your security officers are always informed about the current security status. If a potentially dangerous situation is identified and reported, the affected area can be localized immediately. Visual or audible alarm messages are also triggered at the same time. Automated countermeasures, such as the activation of cameras, are implemented to support security personnel. The security control center has a clear and intuitive user interface. After all, it is only possible to ensure an optimal response when the overall system is easy to operate.

The ability to respond quickly is decisive and possible thanks to the security control center, because it allows you to monitor events from systems in real time. In advance, you can specify with the competent persons and on the basis of a corrective measures catalog how to respond to alarms. This and the triggering event as well as the measures taken are logged in accordance with your compliance guidelines.

Performance features

  • Alarm and status messages are displayed in lists and directly in the floor plan in real time.
  • Icons representing connected system components can be added to the floor plan by means of drag and drop.
  • Terminals can be controlled in the floor plan via buttons and function icons (e.g., to block a terminal, switch camera on or off).
  • All events are logged comprehensively and are thus available for subsequent investigation and analysis.
  • The security control center can easily be expanded with modules and interfaces.

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