Include your employees in time management and personnel scheduling regardless of their location. They can conveniently use functions such as time recording, vacation requests or shift swaps on their computer, smartphone or tablet.

High employee satisfaction
through personal responsibility

Include your employees in your personnel scheduling and time management processes. With Interflex’s Employee Self-service solutions, your employees can retrieve information about work time balances or schedules in real time, swap scheduled work times with the appropriate employees or offer a swap in a swapping service, submit vacation requests or participate in time recording. And all of that is possible around the clock regardless of location – largely accessible for all employees to use without external assistance. Personnel managers can easily process requests and desired work times in a timely manner. If a direct supervisor is absent, requests are forwarded to his or her substitute. As a result, persons in charge who must approve the respective actions always have all information relevant for making decisions available at a glance — everything from work time balances and the annual vacation calendar to qualification criteria for certain positions.

Interflex’s solutions for Employee Self-service work on desktop computers, laptops or mobilely on smartphones or tablets. This means that these solutions can be used in companies, at home or on the go. Benefit from a significantly reduced workload, leaner processes and a real-time overview of your schedules. And your employees are happier since they are included in the scheduling processes and can act more independently and the processes are more transparent.

Employee Self-service:

  • Time recording at any time and from any location
  • Barrier-free application (BITV 2.0) in time management
  • Faster processing of vacation requests and time corrections
  • Retrieve information on work time balances or schedules
  • Record and correct time accounting data
  • Swap scheduled work time or offer to swap via a swapping service
  • Consistent overview of time data
  • Less work for personnel department and supervisors
  • Reduction of costs and errors
  • Increasing the motivation of employees
  • Work-life balance due to flextime
  • Overview of attendances and absences
  • Convenient absence scheduling and fast workflows

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