Managing personal access authorizations conveniently

Access authorizations that are managed centrally and automatically throughout the company simplify access control. But if necessary, employees adjust their access authorizations individually and comprehensibly with EasyWorkflow.

Individual access rights

Employees frequently need individual access rights for a specific time or for a specific location. The centrally managed and automated access authorizations that are otherwise helpful for company processes cannot cover this individual need. With the EasyWorkflow module, employees can conveniently apply for, approve and extend personal access authorizations – supported by defined workflows. Using the intuitive Self-service user interface, they can easily operate the application independently and on their own responsibility – even on smartphones and tablets.

A predefined, often multi-level process enables supervisors and security specialists to grant targeted, needs-based access permissions for a limited period of time. The complete documentation of access authorizations is an important instrument for compliance within the company and facilitates security and transparency at the same time.

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