Cost management

With cost management, you get an in-depth overview of the times when your employees worked. In this way, you will be able to understand what personnel costs have been incurred in your company.

Allocating work time appropriately

When making bookings, your employees can link their work times directly to specific projects, orders, cost centers or individual attributes, such as machines used for an order or miles travelled for invoicing purposes. On this basis, you can prepare, among other things, internal statistics, determine KPIs and optimize invoices. That increases transparency for personnel and company managers, improves the quality of the data and reduces considerably the effort involved in subsequent differentiation of times.

Project time recording

Be it project controlling or as basis for invoicing – the Cost Management module allows to further differentiate  the work times of employees, e.g., by projects or orders. The recorded times can be further processed with different release and approval procedures in order to safeguard the two-man rule for authorizing decisions. This allows you to follow any expenses incurred transparently at any time and ensures that you have sound basis for making decisions. Optionally, the times can be assigned to specific projects during time recording in order to reduce the effort involved in follow-up entries and thus increase the accuracy of the data. Self-service makes the recording of project times convenient thanks to its intuitive interface and has been optimized for mobile end devices. As a result, work times can also be recorded when on the go or out in the field.

Cost center recording

In addition to that, cost management offers the option to assign the times of employees to cost centers or cost types, ensuring that you can evaluate, e.g., order times, individual steps of the production process or processing and throughput times. That forms the basis for optimized and more economical processes. Production employees who do not have access to Self-service can also enter the cost center while booking at a terminal. If there are changes between cost centers due to capacity bottlenecks, for example, the times incurred can be accurately determined and evaluated.

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