IF-800, IF-800 Outdoor and IF-801
Access Terminals


The IF-800 Indoor, IF-800 Outdoor and IF-801 Outdoor Access Terminals are designed for access control and contactless person identification using an RFID credential and smartphone. Access is only possible for authorized persons. As a result, you can use it to monitor door status and sensors at locks, barriers and doors. In addition to credentials, key fobs also serve as identification media. Granting access using a smartphone is implemented using Bluetooth technology or NFC. IF-800 can be flexibly integrated into new or existing system environments. The IF-800 Outdoor version is mounted on wall surfaces and is suitable for outdoor installation thanks to its IP54 protection class. The IF-801 Outdoor PIN offers additional security, where you can make it necessary for a PIN to be entered. All versions can be operated either on a controller or a time recording terminal. You can also use the terminals to write NetworkOnCard authorizations for offline terminals onto identification media (e.g. credentials or key fobs) with MIFARE or LEGIC technology.


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