RFID technology

Credential technologies

Interflex products utilize RFID identification media–both in the classic form of a credential in credit card format and as a key fob. The underlying technologies are LEGIC® and MIFARE®. Thus, terminals and locking components can be quickly integrated into all Interflex system and operating environments.

NetworkOnCard – A network without a network

NetworkOnCard with RFID identification media can integrate offline devices into an existing system environment. That can include access terminals and even battery-operated locking components. As a result, the technology is especially suited for integration of remote or rarely used locations into a system, e.g., branch offices, wind farms or storage rooms that are not connected to any network. This allows you to manage employees electronically in a central software system. As a result, you can change the authorizations of individual users in just a few clicks.

When it comes to access control, this pays off: Since lost credentials can be blocked in just a few hours or credentials can be issued from the start with a limited validity period, after which they automatically expire. And should a key be lost, you are able to avoid the high costs of having to replace an entire locking system.

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