Good-Bye Keys!

The company faces several challenges. On the one hand, it is looking for a solution that transfers time bookings to SAP payroll via a certified interface. On the other hand, keys are still used in the company. The administration of the keys is associated with a great deal of effort.

We no longer use keys. Our employees record their work times on their computers, and we manage the access rights – all in one system. To put it short: Simply convenient.

Gerhard Dienhart, Manager of Technical Services, Environment and Workplace Safety.

Searching for an integrator

Ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction is the primary goal of STABILUS. In order to provide products and solutions of high quality, the company invests in the optimization of its work processes and a safe and secure work environment for its employees. The company is facing several challenges. On the one hand, it is looking for a solution that is able to transfer time data to the SAP payroll accounting system via a certified interface. On the other hand, since keys are still being used throughout the company and key management requires a lot of effort, an efficient, electronic solution is to replace keys in the future.

Proper consultation leads to a suitable solution

The high demands that Stabilus places on its own products also apply to the new system solution. The objective of Stabilus is to manage all doors and access authorizations in a central system. With the integration of the new access control system, keys are also to be replaced by credentials. Employees shall be able to record their work times and open doors with the same company credential. Furthermore, the company wants their employees to be able to record their time data on their computers. Several renowned suppliers participated in the tender. Interflex was able to convince Stabilus based on its holistic quality and solution approach.
Interflex offers all of its services and products for both access control and time management from a single source.

One solution — many benefits

The consulting team from Interflex developed a project plan describing the introduction of a central electronic access control system and the replacement of the existing time recording system on a step-by-step basis.In the first step of optimizing time recording, the IF-6020 Interflex software was integrated as a front-end computer for the existing time management system. In a second step, the HR PDC interface took over the transfer of the time data to the SAP system. Today, the doors are equipped with electronic fittings that are connected to the central system via NetworkOnCard technology. Access rights are easily managed in the software system, which reliably controls who is allowed to access which areas. A chip on the employee credential is the only access medium required. Keys are no longer necessary. Today, the Interflex solution is also used at the international production sites of Stabilus.