Time recording in workforce management

The precise recording and evaluation of your employees’ work times forms the basis for a professional workforce management.

Improving processes and work-life balance

Employers in the EU are now legally obligated to record and document the work time of their employees in detail and in full to ensure that company rules and statutory provisions are observed. Such data generated from time recording have to be merged together, checked, evaluated and used for other applications in workforce management, e.g., for time-based payroll accounting or personnel scheduling. Transparent time recording speeds up processes, improves the work life balance of employees and thus strengthens their loyalty to the company.

Interflex offers a variety of solutions for time recording – mobile or via terminal. Your employees can use a mobile web interface to record and document their work time anywhere and anytime – whether in the home office, in the field or on the construction site. You get the full range of functions on smartphones, tablets, etc. as well as a responsive design for easy operation on any end device. Interflex also offers time recording via permanently installed terminals, e.g., for users in production, who do not have any access to the internet.

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