Workforce Management-Industrial Sectors

People are the most important resource for companies – and that is true for all industries. After all, having the right employees at the right place at the right time is decisive for the success of companies.

Deploying personnel optimally

With professional workforce management, you are able to integrate your employees and their skills optimally into your company’s processes. The right specialists in the right place at the right time – that is decisive and leads to greater productivity. This is how you can increase the added value of your company.

Solutions from Interflex help you to do just that. You can use the systems regardless of the size of your organization. Our Workforce Management solution grows flexibly with your company as it grows. Be it logistics or aviation, contact center or healthcare – or a completely different industry: You can fully tap the potential of your employees. In this way, you remain flexible at all times on a volatile market with fluctuating sales and can quickly respond to changing requirements and general conditions.

Healthcare and public sector

In hospitals, in particular, there are many provisions of Working Hours Act, collective bargaining agreements, specific in-house work agreements and the requests of employees that also have to be taken into account. The software solution from Interflex makes workforce management easier for you.

Contact center

In order to be able to survive on today’s highly competitive contact center market, a needs-based utilization of human resources plays a critical role. The software solutions from Interflex for workforce management support you in complex scheduling processes and offer you transparency and efficiency.


With solutions from Interflex for workforce management, you always have the right employees working on your machines.

Aviation and logistics

The challenges that airports and logistics companies face are becoming more and more complex every year. The solutions from Interflex for workforce management help ensure that you stay competitive.

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