IF-672a Contact terminal

Contact terminal and expansion module

The IF-672a is a contact terminal and expansion module for the access control in connection with an elevator control and and for recording machine data. It is typically used to record and process digital inputs and outputs such as signals from motion detectors, remote position indicators and machine contacts. You can also use it to control alarms and signal lamps. There are a total of twelve monitored inputs and twelve outputs. The IF-672a contact terminal is connected to a terminal controller. It meets all the requirements of security planning and industrial installation technology thanks to standards-compliant (DIN) installation and EMC-tested electronics. The electronic modules can be exchanged quickly and easily as a result of the modern installation technology used in the design of the enclosure. They are installed in lockable distribution boxes or electric control cabinets on standard DIN rails according to DIN EN 50022. The contact terminal can be expanded with another contact module with 24 digital inputs or 24 analog relay outputs.


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